Floor boxes

Do you need an electrical, internet / computer plugs, TVs or other sockets in the middle of a room so you do not stumble over the cables?
We supply an alternative to standard wall outlets that do not interfere with your interior. With our products, all kinds of plugs (Internet, TV-SAT, audio and power distribution) can now be placed directly into the floor.

Floor boxes are available in a variety of designs and are suitable for apartments, family homes, offices or in commercial areas such as exhibition showrooms, shopping centers or restaurants.

Floor boxes are also designed for outdoor use. Terraces, garages or exterior spaces including gardens, entrance ways or in public spaces for mobile stands.

All floor boxes are shipped according to the needs of the client with the proper electrical outlet of the country. In the Czech and Slovak Republics floor boxes are supplied with the protective pin.

If the floor boxes are not in stock, the delivery time is 7-10 days (even if the order is non-standard including individual equipment as per customer's requirement).

Various models of floor boxes can be seen in our showroom (Aloisovská 934/8, 198 00 Prague 9-Hloubětín) with the opportunity to see them installed.

Podlahové zásuvky do interiéru nebo exteriéru - StakohomeExteriér Interiér

Benefits of floor boxes

  • Perfect design for every interior
  • Quality processing
  • A variable solution for electrical, internet and television distribution at the same time
  • Other types of sockets and connectors - eg VGA, HDMI, XLR, audio, etc.
  • An option of individual equipment as required
  • Available versions with higher protection class IP67 (waterproof)
  • A solution for every space (interior and exterior)
  • Small size and easy maintenance